True Living Word Christian Church


The Scholarship Ministry ministers to our TLWCC college students while away from home. We mail care packages to our college students twice a year during finals.


In August of each year we will award scholarships to our graduating high school seniors who are enrolled full time in college. This funding will come from the scholarship fund. The only criterion we have at this time is that they are full-time students. We feel that all students need financial support whether they are a 4.0 or a 2.0 student.

We also plan to award monetary gifts to all TLWCC college students at the beginning of each semester. The funding for this award has not been established at this time. It will be a separate fund from the scholarship budget.


On graduation Sunday we will acknowledge those students graduating from High School and College. This will include students graduating in the spring and fall (May and December). At this time we will have a special program and reception for the graduates.


During the year the scholarship ministry will contact TLWCC college students to see how they are doing and pray with them. We want our college students to feel that although they are away from home they are still apart of TLWCC and we are here for them.

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