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        "Ways we create the invitation of children to God’s way of Life"

True Living Word Christian Church
New Born Ministry
http://youtu.be/eUTtOBE5ZcITrue Living Word Christian Church Newborn Ministry was established June 15, 2006. The Newborn Ministry was created to provide Care and a Christian Environment for Newborn Babies and small Children’s age group 0-3 years old. This Ministry is also designed to provide essential needs for newborn babies and small children. By applying the Holy scripture Matthew 6:1-34, True Living Word Christian Church Newborn Ministry is endowed with God’s Holy Spirit to bring Blessings to those in need.  

When you visit our Church facility at True Living Word Christian Church, you will experience the Christ-like atmosphere in our Church Nursery. TLWCC God’s Little Angels Cradle Care provides an open realistic Concept for Nursery care. Biblical Scenes, books, teachings, gathering of children, displays of Angels and Cherubs create an invitation to God’s way of Life.

A church video monitor and speakers are provided for parents to enjoy Church services, while in the Nursery Lounge with their babies or small children. This concept of worship service is peaceful and the babies and small children will enjoy the atmosphere as well. A church attendant or responsible care giver may also be available to assist with the babies and small children in the nursery during the church Services.    

We welcome you and your babies and small children at True Living Word Christian Church where God is Doing a New Thing! We will see you at our next worship service.

May God bless You and Keep You.

Lovingly yours in Christ,

TLWCC Newborn Ministry Leader
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