True Living Word Christian Church
Marriage Ministry

 The purpose of the True Living Word Christian Church Marriage Ministry is to provide sound doctrine and teaching to couples so that they will be able to maintain the sanctity of marriage through a lifetime commitment to God and each other. A cord of three strands is not easily broken (Ecclesiastes 4:12b) 


  • Provide God’s plan for building a strong relationship
  • Provide a fun/exciting environment for couples to grow in God’s word
  • Provide tools necessary to develop/maintain a healthy couple’s relationship
  • Restore relationships through God’s word


  • Develop strong couples’ for a greater ministry within the home and church.
  • Mentoring program for premarital counseling and newly married couples to grow.
  • Host a yearly Marriage Revival to enrich husband, wife, and family relationships.
  • Have a retreat for couples to enjoy each other away from their usual environment.
  • Have workshops for couples to experience new and exciting oneness.
  • Take couples’ cruise to refresh and reflect on each other.

 Marriage was the first institution designed by God and the marriage covenant is sacred and life long.   It is our hope that this marriage ministry will serve to accurately represent the truth God has revealed to us in Scripture, provide insight into what a biblical family looks like, and show how we can honor and glorify HIM in our family relationships.  By searching God’s word for guidance and prayer, we are assured that couples will grow stronger in their marriages, develop lasting friendships.

 The Marriage Ministry is held once a quarter on Saturday from 10:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.  We alternate the seminars from True Living Word Christian Church to Meadowbrook Baptist Church.  Drs. Patrick & Rose Caballero facilitate the seminar. The facilitators lead and do not lecture in order to provide an open and warm environment where couples are allowed to interact and bond with one another.  The facilitators also share their life experiences. 

 Couples are encouraged to interact with others in the group to maximize family growth opportunities.  Couples should agree about the issues and experiences shared with the class.  Experiences shared during these group discussions are not disclosed outside of the group in order to respect each other’s right to privacy.  Couples are free to ask any question.  Couples are asked to be sensitive to the feelings of others.  Couples are encouraged to study the lessons and work exercises together. 

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